Delta 9 THC Variety Sample Pack

Delta 9 THC Variety Sample Pack

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Delta 9 THC Variety Sample Pack

Delta 9 THC Variety Sample Pack

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Instead of picking up a six-pack, why not dive into the Southern Ease Delta-9 Gummies Variety Pack? Get into all the cocktail-inspired goodness of hemp-infused gummies with eight sample packs from our most popular flavors. 

From Pina Coladas to an old-fashioned Strawberry Daiquiri, this Delta-9 sampler is a crowd-pleaser. Each gummy contains a dialed-in 10 mg serving. Our all-American hemp-derived gummies make for a perfect alcohol-free Friday night.

Contains: 8 sample packs (2 gummies in each flavor: Margarita, Red Wine, Moscow Mule, SideCar, Bourbon, Pina Colada, Old-Fashioned, and Strawberry Daiquiri)

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Ingredients: Sucrose, glucose, water, delta-9 THC, pectin, monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), citric acid, flavor

Serving Size: 1 Gummy

Delta-9 THC per Serving: 10 mg

For first-timers, we recommend that you start with one piece.
Wait 60 to 90 minutes to gauge its full impact before taking
another dose.

Don't drive or operate machinery when using this product.
Follow doctor's dosage advice. Consult a doctor before use,
especially if pregnant, nursing, or with health conditions.
Must be 21+ to buy or use.

Southern Ease Trading Co’s products are federally legal
and compliant with many state laws, as they are derived
entirely from legal hemp. However, we can't guarantee
legality in every jurisdiction. We recommend you verify local
legality. For drug tests, we recommend not using our

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alisha Stark

These are some of the best gummies I've ever had. Both the taste and after taste are *chef's kiss*. The texture is soft and they practically melt in your mouth. Definitely follow the suggested dosage. Don't think you know better and down an extra one. Don't be like me lol. I'll be ordering more, for sure.

Love Variety

I love that they have different flavors. My husband and I have different tastes so this works out great for us.

Gordon Dickson
1st time buyer

This is a fantastic way to be introduced to a great brand. All the flavors were delicious. I plan on buying again.

Try them all

I didn't know what to order so I tried them all. Love the variety pack.

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